MNE 2024 Micro and Nano Engineering MNE 2024

Sustainable event

Our commitments

The Co-organizers are integrating a CSR approach into the organization of this conference. This approach is reflected in a charter. Most of these commitments are common sense and habits that we wish to promote.

This charter also applies to our internal operations, as we are keen to set an example, and this will even enable us to test certain initiatives.

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Digital footprint

This website has been designed using a few rules of clean-tech design, aiming to consume as little energy as possible.
The images used are compressed as much as possible and only used files are stored.


Place & Mobility

  • We have chosen eco-responsible locations (good insulation, low greenhouse gas emissions, reduced energy consumption, etc.). Read more
  • We have chosen venues accessible by public transport or soft mobility.
  • We offer carpooling and public transport solutions.


Catering & local partners

  • We give priority to local, seasonal products, service providers, vegetarian options and preference for white meat
  • We aim to reduce food waste as much as possible.


Communication & Publishing

  • We encourage the use of “clean tech” (recycled or PEFC paper, etc.) and/or digital media.